Disney Dreaming

Color me thrilled! This month, I scored a few Disney-themed items on Christmas clearance (mostly at Wal-mart and Walgreens), which I stashed away for our trip in December. Look what I found:

I got the cookies, stickers and stockings all for about 50¢ each, the beanie Mickeys and Minnies for $1.50 each, and the little green and red balls are tree-shaped packages of gum I picked up for 25¢ each (not Disney themed, but they’ll love them!).

My plan, in trying to make this last Disney World trip extra memorable and special, is to have one small little item for each kid every day. Nothing big, nothing expensive – just a little treat to make them smile. I am not sure how I’m going to accomplish it, but I’d love to be able to have them waiting for them when they come home from the parks each day. Maybe I’ll just have to be the last one out the door every morning and try to secretly toss them on the counter…I really haven’t figured that part out yet! I thought about packaging them in little gift bags ahead of time and leaving them in our room with a note for “Mousekeeping” (I love that word!) to set them out? I am not sure if that would work. Anyway, I’ll figure it out!

Speaking of Mousekeeping…I am also thinking of leaving something special for them each day (in addition to tipping, not instead of!). Not something Disney themed necessarily because, well, they work there and that might be overkill. But maybe something along these lines (click pictures to go to the original site):

Cute little bags of M&Ms from Cricut Chick!

Hot Cocoa sets found on Kirtsy (made by Megan from Not Martha)

Apple Caramel gift set from Jo and Sue

Toasted Marshmallow Jelly Belly Tin from Sassy & Sweet Notes

Christmas Soaps with Printable Tags from Plum Adorable

My husband thinks I’m nuts but…it’s close to Christmas after all, and most of those things can be done up pretty inexpensively – and I just think if it was me working there and cleaning up after someone, I’d be completely excited about something like that – what do you think?



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