Houston, We Have Lift-off!

screen shot

The last week or so around these parts has been pretty busy. I mentioned previously that my husband and I were trying to start a cupcake business. Well, I had promised back in October/November to my friends, family and some other cupcake-crazed people that we were going to be ready to take orders in January. Well unless you’ve been hibernating, you know that January is quickly coming to a close, so we knew that if we were going to keep our promise we needed to get a few things done.

First, we needed to talk to the health department. In Indiana, they have a “Home Based Vendor” law which allows home bakers to sell their products, however you can only sell them at two locations – a farmer’s market or a ‘roadside stand’. You can take online orders for pickup at either of those locations, but you cannot have a customer come inside your home to make a purchase and also cannot deliver to the customer. Well, I had seen mentioned that a few people were using their porch as a ‘roadside stand’, but I wasn’t sure if that was legit and since we wanted to do everything legally, I needed answers from our local health department on their interpretation of the term ‘roadside stand’. I finally got in touch with them and – hooray! – our front porch does fall under our county’s interpretation (our state leaves it up to the individual county’s to determine specifics like that, so it can vary from town to town). Our house is on the corner of a busy 4-way stop, and our large porch faces the road so there is fairly easy access also.

Next, we needed to finalize all of the little details of starting a cupcake business…things like a menu, pricing and a website. Check, check and check! Then it was just a matter of putting the word out that we were open for business, which we did this Monday. Since then, we have gotten 2 orders (for a total of 5 dozen cupcakes) and an inquiry for a birthday party in February! My husband and I spent last night whipping up fillings and buttercreams, and I couldn’t help but feel pride and love standing in that kitchen with him. The baking business was mostly my dream…but he has always wanted us to start our own business, so both of our dreams are kind of coming true at the same time, together…and that fills me with all kinds of emotions I can’t even put into words.

I know this business can either fail or succeed…but whatever happens with it, we tried. We took the leap, took a chance and in doing so are showing our children that you really can follow your dreams – you can at least try and be anything you want to be. And although I hope that it is successful – I hope that one day we can take the dream a step further and open our own little shop – if we do fail I hope that we can do so with grace and joy knowing we were able to live our dream for even a short period of time – so that we can also show our children that even if you end up not succeeding that doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it, and even if you fail at something it doesn’t make you a failure. Right now, though, I am giving it to God. He has blessed us with the opportunity and I will do my best to follow his lead and take it where he wants us to go with it.




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