Blast From The Past

What is it with me using rocket terms recently? Blast, Liftoff…anyway. Wow. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Isn’t it always though? Our first 2 weeks as an official business, and we had orders for a total of 9 dozen cupcakes all said & done. I know that is just because we announced we were up and running and some nice friends and family wanted to throw us some business – but it was still a nice way to kick-start things. We already have a potential few future orders for birthdays and a wedding too, so we’re feeling pretty good about that end of things.

I was planning on this last weekend being slow and updating here then…but life always has a curveball waiting doesn’t it? This particular curveball was thrown Friday morning when I found out my dad was taken to the hospital after passing out. His blood pressure was extremely low and as it turns out, he has a laceration on his spleen. That’s bad enough as it is, but throw in my dad’s history and it makes it even more tricky. I have been trying to figure out a way to explain all of this and realizing how difficult that is because in the newness of this particular blog, I haven’t really gotten to talk about me and the history of things that have happened to make me who I am today. Part of that has to do with my dad. He was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer a few years ago…but just explaining that doesn’t tell you what you’d need to know to understand. 

Back when my adult self was being formed, when all those things that happen to a person to shape them into who they are today were happening to me – I wrote in a different place. I stopped writing there because I felt like I was done I guess…but now I don’t feel done anymore. But I did feel like I needed a fresh start, and I really like the format of WordPress. It feels good to write here in this space. But when you start fresh, the new people you talk to don’t really know you…so in order to help you “know me”, and understand some of the things I write about like my dad or our adoption story I think, instead of re-writing some of those old painful (and some not painful) memories, I will re-post here some of my past writings that I feel are particularly good or might explain my past a little bit better than I can now…because it was written then, when I was in it. When I felt those things a lot more acutely than I do now.

So when I share these past writings with you, I will just title them with the date I originally wrote them…I won’t change anything else (even if I feel an overwhelming need to edit something – I will not). So you’ll be reading them just as they were written then. I’ll try to post the stories I want to share in order from oldest to most recent…so it will make more sense and maybe you’ll get a picture of who I am today. The good, the bad and the not-so-beautiful (The word “ugly” is such an…ugly word).




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