Striking An (Im)perfect Balance

I have a confession to make. I always read blogs and, until they post a photo of themselves, have a picture of the writers in my mind…always beautiful people with perfect lives living in perfect little houses with perfect friends that come over for barbecues at the pool all the time. I am not that blogger. I am not thin, perfect or model-beautiful. I am overweight. I do not have a perfect house, and it certainly isn’t always perfectly clean. Although I think my children are perfect, they are usually not fresh-pressed and sometimes not even very well-behaved. I don’t have a pool, and although we have friends, we don’t barbecue often because we all lead such busy lives it seems like we can never connect. I wish that perfect-version was my life, but it isn’t, and I really wonder if anyone actually has that life. If they do, I am jealous. 

Anyhow, in all of that whining, the point I am getting to is that I am overweight and always trying to change that.  In my ever-present quest to rid the excess weight, I have tried so many fads (hint: they don’t work!), and have come to realize that I just really have to adjust to healthier eating and a more active lifestyle. I need changes that I can continue permanently. Fads aren’t healthy, and definitely aren’t long-term healthy. 

On this journey, I have set mini goals for myself – my first goal period ends at the start of our Disney vacation. In the last few weeks, I have dropped 8 pounds, and am pretty pumped up about that! I now have about 24 weeks go to complete my first mini goal, and about 38 more pounds to lose. Is it doable? Yes! It breaks down to less than 2 pounds per week – so not only is it doable, it is a healthy goal. That is not my norm. Usually I want to lose 30 pounds in 2 months or something equally crazy…not healthy at all. 

So a few days ago, my mom starts to tell me about a new plan she heard on the radio…instantly I think “oh no…not another fad diet!”. But when she told me the details of this “plan” (which isn’t really a plan at all, rather a set of guidelines), I realized it is actually pretty healthy advice – stuff we’ve all heard before – but in a fun, sensible, easy-to-remember way. I am definitely going to put it into practice, and I thought I would share it with you, incase someone else out there struggles to count calories or figure out what they should eat when: 

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Daily Plan for Healthy Eating*

5 – cups of fruits and/or veggies (fresh or frozen is best)

4 – upbeat songs that make you want to dance

3 – meals with protein

2 – cups of water before each meal

1 – indulgence of up to 150 calories 

See what I mean? Easy to remember, and good solid advice. No fad diets here! 

*They also did note that you CAN eat carbs but to limit them to breakfast and lunch, none for dinner. Why? Because the evening is when you are already starting to feel run-down and tired, and adding carbs on top of that will make you even more lethargic. If you skip the carbs at dinner, you will not be as tired in the evenings…that means more energy to burn calories, right?!





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