Hi there! My name is Mariah. I’ve been married to my fully wonderful husband for 15 mostly wonderful years (you know, there are always difficult years…I fully believe getting through those is what makes the rest so wonderful!), and we have 4 beautiful, amazing, and smart but also sometimes bratty and selfish children, 3 of whom are adopted. We’re really a pretty typical family…we love, we laugh, we fight, we yell. The good with the bad and all that. But mostly, we just live. We try to enjoy this beautiful life God has given to us, and each other, as much as possible.

About me? Well, I’m a mom. And a wife. And also, I’m me. I have interests and concerns and needs apart from the mom and wife roles, and I have come to a point in my life I refuse to let those get pushed to the back. Life is a balance and I’m trying really hard to juggle it all – just like every other mom out there! I’m caring, loving and passionate about the things and people I love. My interests are vast. I think music is like a medicated balm for life. I love cheesy rom-com movies (in fact, I love all kinds of movies!) I love Christmas. I love all things sparkly and like to think I have glitter running through my veins (which might explain my obsession affinity for all things Twilight. I like decorating, repurposing, cooking, baking, party planning, crafting…I’m also a little OCD and a perfectionist with a knack for getting stressed out! Mostly, I try every day to appreciate the life I have, and love the people in it.


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